Made In India  |  Ethical  |  SIngle – Use Plastic free

Made In India  |  Ethical  |  Single-Use Plastic free 

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Made in India | Ethical | Single-Use Plastic free

“Fostering a mindful community of ethical and conscious brands in India.”

Cica India is determined to curate a platform for ethically-crafted products. Cica was born out of a personal struggle of not having access to home-grown brands creating mindful products. While it is easy to get hold of regular products, ethically-made products do not have equivalent reach. Our platform advocates home-grown products designed to sustain and promote responsible consumerism. At Cica, we believe in plummeting to the core of a brand. We devote an ample amount of time and research into verifying the credibility of each product.

Our uniqueness lies in the fact that we do our groundwork well. We gain an insight into the founders and designers minds to understand the thought and process behind making a product sustainable.

Our brand philosophy accurately explains our foundation principles- A keen eye for design & detail combined with ethical production practices.


Carefully curated brands make up The Cica Community. Three crucial grounds are taken into consideration while curating:

Made in India,  Ethical,  Single-use plastic-free

We are on a mission to encourage brands to adopt carbon-neutral practices and give thought to the ecological repercussions of the processes they follow. Our community finds its roots in advocating and using long-lasting, viable products. We make it our primary concern to achieve ethical make-up. 

The Cica community is open to all like-minded individuals across the country who stand by a similar belief system and understand the need of the hour.

Cica is very cautious about its offerings through the platform. Every brand that we get onboard has a unique selling proposition. All brands have strong individual philosophies to provide elite service, ensuring  that all our products have distinctive perceived benefits and usability. 


As much as we preach mindful practices, we also understand that the path to achieving it is not easy. At Cica, we help you figure out the best practices that work for you. After thorough research and analysis, our team connects you with brands that have an ethical constitution. We constantly encourage our customers to make conscious choices and invest in ethically produced products that sustain. The closer we are to nature, the healthier our lifestyle will be. Our close-knit methods and products help you eliminate unnecessary waste and culminate a healthy living.


“Hey!, Thank you for stopping by and for your interest in knowing us better.  I am an environment enthusiast and a design graduate from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi. Cica India is a reflection of my beliefs and philosophies. As a designer, I am well aware of the practices in the fashion and creative industry and how it is continuously exploiting our planet.

Cica India arises as a woke solution to it. Through our platform, we create awareness and instill a sense of responsible consumerism. Several home-grown brands are working tirelessly and, we are here to introduce them to you.

A few years ago, I took the plunge of making conscious choices. Ever since then, I have only grown fond of my lifestyle. I am glad to be surrounded by people who have evolved in the same way. In the next few years to come, I hope to unite more people and build a rational community, willing to make a conscious shift.”


Kriti Wadhwa, Founder- Cica India.