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Eco-friendly Decor ideas for your Home in 2021

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Eco-friendly Decor ideas for your Home in 2021

Ever since the COVID-19 Pandemic hit us, we have been forced to spend time indoors and unwind in our space. As work, dining, and chilling moved inside, we subconsciously felt the need to bring nature in with plants, nature-friendly products, comfortable clothing made in natural fabrics, and anything which brings out nature’s calm to our home.  Here, we will have a look at some of the Eco-friendly decor ideas for your home in 2021.

While re-doing your home is an exciting idea, it may not be a smart move while we tackle so many responsibilities in our space. Starting with one room, one statement piece, one unit of furniture may be a feasible approach and the best not to burn a pocket hole. We believe in trends that stay beyond seasons and fit in easily with most interiors. We bring you a few upcoming trends from our all-time favourite source, WGSN, and suggestions from our patrons on how they can be incorporated. Key reports for Home decor suggest ‘Conscious Clarity’ which translates to embracing the beautiful restraints of living with less. We dig deeper to read onto eco-friendly decor ideas that could be a beginner’s guide for 2021-22.

  • “For design industries, this shift to a more minimalist mindset will take a number of forms. Today’s flexible home must accommodate multiple activities in smaller spaces, but at no expense to style. Larger investments such as furniture will hold more appeal if they incorporate configurable systems or designs that offer more than one function” the forecast reads.
  • As we read along, the key points mention focus on classic and simplified designs for mass appeal and add touches of shine to give products a timeless and elevated quality. This builds us a perfect picture of how minimal pieces that maximize quality can become an effortless fit to our homes. 
  • Japandi is a combination of Japanese design and Scandinavian minimalism. throws light on how the style may be the preferred pick after a tumultuous year, and turning our homes into soothing, earth-toned sanctuaries sounds like exactly the trend we need for 2021.
  • Earth Tones have always been a classic and yet a trend that we keep going back to. As a part of incorporating nature, earthy tones, shades, and tints of browns continue to come up. The color story tends to bring up an ‘away from city’ vibe along and is instant transportation to simpler lives.
xyz lamps eco friendly decor
(L): Top- Xyz Lamp, Bottom- Xyz Lamp, (R): Xyz Lamp
podium trays cica india
(L): The Podium Tray (Large Oval), (R): Podium Trays (Large & Small Oval), (Small Round)
mira large eco friendly decor
(L): Mira Round Large, (R): Mira Squircle Large

Add Craft to Cart

Trends that we keep going back to become classics and one such is ‘Minimalist’ which happened to come up while browsing through upcoming consumer trends. It was an instant reminder of our bamboo and brass-based home accents. Handwoven stripes of bamboo are put together with brass trims to create lampshades, storage, seatings, and much more. With every product, it’s an ‘Add to Cart’ for the craft, for the artisan’s skill that keeps the craft alive, and the designer who put their skill in design together with craft. 

An easy way to get started on eco-friendly home decor is to look around the house, de-clutter, and not start replacing everything the eye sees. Every purchase for eco-friendly home decor must be functional as well as decorative. Our actions define us and unnecessary hoarding of eco-friendly items could never be a great move.
Be sure to read through our guide to being a mindful shopper here.

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