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Made In India  |  Ethical  |  Single-Use Plastic free 

Ethical wear for the conscious Men

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Ethical wear for the conscious Men

It is no surprise that the brands working on the lines of sustainability revolve majorly around women and providing mindful alternatives to their needs. We acknowledge the fact that men being conscious consumers may find it fairly challenging to look for ethical wear. While researches show women are more mindful while making a purchase, we wish to offer similar paths to men through our platform. It is evident that the lack of options does arise while building a mindful wardrobe and we’ve put together a guide for ethical wear for men.

What to look out for when shopping ‘sustainable’?

Organic cotton, handcrafted, ethically made, sustainable- What is it that labels your purchase ‘Sustainable’. No hat holds all feathers and the key to making a mindful purchase is to align your beliefs with a brand’s. The basic idea is to identify key factors in the process: Material, process, labor, and disposal. 

Natural materials over synthetics, processes that require lesser resources and lesser chemical disposal, labour paid fair wages and disposal of the product which will decompose to the earth after serving and sustaining. 

  • Materials: Any materials occurring in nature, processed, and used to create a product are a better choice than artificially created fabrics. 
  • Production processes: Any large-scale productions, mostly in cases of fast fashion require large amounts of non-renewable energy. Small scale production processes, for instance, handcrafts, manual sewing, etc. consume lesser energies and emit lesser footprints.
  • Disposal: A wise material selection naturally leads to wise disposal. Synthetics tend to remain on earth for longer and break down into smaller bits, eventually polluting. Natural selections of fabrics tend to decompose and are generally non-polluting. 

For us, ethical wear for Men and Women defines ethics in every step of a product’s manufacturing. An effort to put this across is mentioned in our product details where we clearly state the factors a product caters to. 

Building a conscious wardrobe for men

This starts with analyzing what you already own. A conscious wardrobe does not necessarily throw out everything and replace it with other options. The beginning of making a mindful purchase when needed is the building block. A few pointers to keep in mind while investing in ethical wear for men:

  • Look for classics- pieces that are not bound to occasions and are versatile.
  • Fill up essentials- They drastically reduce consumption, come in handy during a styling block and fit various occasions.
  • Cost per wear- A highly-priced product used for longer reduces the cost per wear, invest in quality over quantity.
  • Quality is an investment- Opt for quality pieces. They tend to last you longer, do not wear off easily, and may be your most sustainable purchase.

We understand shopping while making a shift of paths could be tricky, and we have curated a list of staples from our web store suggesting 5 must-haves for your wardrobe-

1. Camo Cloud Double Breast Jacket

camo cloud double breast jacket

2. Morse Code Bomber

morse code bomber

3. Camouflaged Cloud Placement Shirt

camouflaged cloud placement shirt

4. Stackable Square Baskets

stackable square baskets

5. The Handloom Mask

the handloom mask

Going the extra mile

There is always scope of doing better and we try to bring an experience that ensures this change brings a lot more. Every brand partner promises a plastic-free delivery, in addition to being ethical and 100% made in India. With this, we hope your journey towards sustainability is a seamless shift and we are glad to be a part of it in the smallest way possible. Your purchase with us also contributes to social responsibility and environmental responsibility which we help you fulfil through this platform’s ethos.

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