Made In India  |  Ethical  |  SIngle – Use Plastic free

Made In India  |  Ethical  |  Single-Use Plastic free 

New Beginnings

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New Beginnings

The pandemic has been an opportunity and a threat, a blessing in disguise as a chance to introspect for all of us. While people lost jobs, hustled harder for lesser outcome this year, we also saw new beginnings where many got a chance to discover their passions and work on them! Our platform comes right in this list too and we’re glad to share this perspective with those who are willing to make a mindful change as consumers.
Let’s initiate our conversations over this section with how we aim to work on certain aspects. By the end of this session, whether you shop or not, you take away valuable information which will stay with you in a long run.
The truth about the industry is that every person is responsible for certain actions which only he/she holds the power to control. Consumers or buyers, brands or sellers, platforms or curators- everyone holds the power to make a choice.
As a premium-luxury platform for ethical homegrown brands, every step of the process is closely worked upon, ensuring minimum environmental impacts. Here are a few things we worked upon while building Cica;
1. Mindful brands
Creating a community involves many individuals aiming to work towards achieving a common goal and that is what we believe in. Our partners are dedicated to create, design, formulate and manufacture products that fulfill the needs and wants ever so ethically
2. Plastic-free packaging
Single-use plastic packaging is the devil of the hour and Cica aims to keep it away from our community. We also look forward to achieve many such milestones along the way.
3. Made in India
Our country needs us to support its economy post the global pandemic and we’re here for it. The platform features a curation of brands made in India, locally by our craftsmen and artisans.
 4. Partners ensuring ethical production
The ethicality of a product comes from transparency. Ensuring ethical sourcing of materials, production processes and responsible choices for the brands is where we do our homework and get you the best.
5. Low carbon footprint
Certain manufacturing processes leave a big carbon footprint on the planet and we refrain from promoting product categories that we question or are unaware of with regards to their making. We look forward to learning more about them and bringing the good to you.
6. Promotes handcrafts
Majority of our partners provide employment to the artisans specializing in their crafts. This provides for their family, keeps our traditional handcrafts alive and motivates artisans to keep practicing their craft.
7. Slow living
Slow living encourages investing in quality, which lasts longer. This reduces repetition of production processes performed for various purchases to compensate for a quality product. Cica works to provide you the best mix of quality, aesthetics and ethics.
The consumer however plays the biggest role here and our efforts bear fruits only when consumers take a moment to mindfully make purchases. We would be throwing light on how consumers can take responsible actions and play their part in our upcoming conversations.
In the meantime, a piece of suggestion would be to start with a small change; refusing packaging that cannot be re-used could be a small start!

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