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Building a longer table

Building a Longer Table: Size Inclusivity

Fashion, for a long time, has glamorized petite women. Plus-size bodies have been marginalized and misrepresented by the fashion industry. Very few and sometimes even infinitesimally fewer options are available to curvy women. Consumers are restricted due to a lack of options. The standard size metrics of the fashion industry have been labeling women based on body type. Some brands even refer to plus-size bodies as the ‘healthy body type’. It is incorrect. Healthy means being physically, emotionally and, mentally sound. It by no means indicates a fuller body. Imagine not having complete access to a basic need- clothing, resorting to specialized categories for the same, and still facing hate.   

The term ‘Size Inclusivity’ has gained substantial traction in the past few years. However, inclusivity doesn’t merely come from increasing sizes- ‘Inclusivity’ means acceptance and equality. It is where most brands fail. We need to do away with false beauty standards and take conscious steps to transform into an inclusive community. 

This new decade has come with hope, a hope for equal representation- not just by saying but by acting through it. Cica India is working towards the same. Being a young platform, Cica is addressing this issue by ‘Building a longer table’.

Cica is working towards cutting down the fat tax. A fat tax is an additional charge levied on a bigger, unstocked size by brands. To battle this unethical practice, every product listed on Cica will cater to all the body measurements with uniform pricing. We provide customers with the choice of customizing the products as per their requirements at no added costs. We charge for the value we bring and not the body it fits. 

We hope to create a body-positive platform for consumers. We have repurposed our size labels from small, medium, and large to the standard UK and US measurements. It also creates room for a better fit, considering the size labels out there are very generic. 

We also worked on prioritizing the customer’s experience and satisfaction. A positive environment stems from an aware mindset. The entire Cica India team has been trained and guided to ensure a body-positive work environment for a seamless shopping experience. 

We got in touch with a few people to understand the severity of the issue. They shared their experiences with us and we have put them together on our website . Our society has stigmatized fuller body types as undesirable for a long time. There are special plus size stores- which is absurd. Some brands even release a collection for curvy women- thus, excluding them from the rest of the consumers. It has traumatized a section for years and is only getting worse day by day. The fat stigma is so common that people find it ordinary and neglect its negatives. It is high time now that we bring a change. The battle to an inclusive community is long-drawn but, baby steps can go a long way. 

We have worked on demolishing the illusions regarding a particular body type. People with different body shapes and sizes should belong to one category and have equal access. Body positivity comes with true representation- every individual has the right to celebrate and feel comfortable in their skin. Through this campaign, we hope to bridge this gap.

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