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Sustainable fashion

Sustainable clothing: The entire truth.

While we are almost every day coming across the term Sustainability, what does it mean to invest in Sustainable Clothing? We believe sustainability is an ultimate goal and we hope to take the steps that come along the way leading to a sustainable lifestyle, and urge you to do the same with us. When we google searched our concern, the primary result suggested Sustainable fashion may be defined as shoes and clothing produced with a goal of minimizing environmental impact.’

This particular word added to any description adds a whole new dimension, responsibility, and apparent research to it. At Cica India, after 4 years of exploration in studying materials, deep research on sustainability, and learning alternate ideas that label themselves otherwise, we developed a true understanding of the term. Conversations initiating the idea of Sustainable Fashion, Sustainable living often refrain from highlighting the fact that we cannot be 100% sustainable. We believe it is an ultimate goal- to sustain, for a longer period of time, for reduced consumption, for reduced disposal. However, it comes with a responsibility- of research, of sourcing high-quality materials, of understanding production processes, and most importantly a social responsibility. 

Our understanding of sustainable fashion comes into play while building this platform, where an added word does not promise the responsibilities that come attached to it. Clothing produced ethically, using organic raw materials, handcrafted by artisans, organically dyed is not necessarily sustainable. The factors add up and when the quality stands the test of time, is when it can truly be labeled sustainable, to a specific percentage. The key to identifying a mindfully produced product is to research the factors the brand considers while manufacturing, they may all not be sustainable but they may most definitely cater to other factors. 

Why should you care? 

It starts with a basic social responsibility that comes attached to the decisions we make. A purchase from fast fashion companies brings home a discounted shirt and hours of unpaid labour, synthetic materials, chemical dyes, plastic packages and increased carbon footprint. While a purchase from any reliable brand working on the lines of sustainable clothing gets a worker fair wage, environmentally conscious materials, lesser carbon footprint. However, the decision comes at an increased cost where the product aims to decrease consumption. 

How to begin?

If you are here, reading this- your journey to being a conscious consumer has already begun. To understand this article better, we suggest you browse through our website and read through the product details to understand how various factors can be considered while making a purchase. A clear indication of factors considered by brands while production are stated. You may write to us at and our team shall guide you through any help you may need.

Lastly, start small. We’ve got our founder to share a short story of her experience with initiating her mindful consumerism for this post. 

“Hello! I am glad you are reading this article put together by us and here’s hoping it helps you change paths as a consumer. While graduating, I came across instances of Animal cruelty by many big brands in the industry, mostly relating to the cosmetic industry. After due research and coming across heartbreaking videos, consuming products tested on animals was something my conscience did not allow. The shift was quite smooth, except for a few urges to buy products that caught my eye, there was nothing animal-cruel that did not have an alternative for my needs. It has been a year or so, and the journey has become a part of who I am. A minute’s read before tapping ‘Buy’ has become a natural action and I’m sure it does make a difference somewhere, even if it is a small percentage.”

-Kriti Wadhwa

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