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Core Values

We, as a platform, stand by 3 core values that also build the foundation of the platform. Each brand partner on this platform adheres to the core values while also bringing in others with their product offerings.


Each product listed on the website promises at the least our 3 core values, which means the products are Made in India, made ethically, and are delivered to our customer’s doorstep with no involvement of Single-Use Plastics. This helps us offer mindful product choices to our community while building a symbiotic relationship with the planet.

Other values 

Apart from our core values, each brand partner brings in a different set of values through their products and we ensure the same is transparently conveyed to users on the product pages. Each product page suggests the values attached to the respective product to give a clear idea of what you invest in. Read through details of the values below 


When you opt for locally-made products, you make a choice of picking products manufactured in a certain area, or locally. This proves to be more transparent, helps identify the source better, and reduces the carbon footprint. The ‘VocalForLocal’ campaign suggests that we locally produce products that are vis-a-vis global brands and we are here for it! 


Handcrafted roughly breaks up into- Crafted by hand. Products that are handcrafted are made entirely by hand or by using simple manual tools. The result is products that have a human touch, a story behind, creating employment and using fewer resources for machines to run. 


Products made without the use of chemicals, by only using organic substances can be classified as organic. They use no unnatural ingredients and hence tend to maintain a cleaner ecosystem. 


Zero-waste lifestyle practices an approach that conserves resources, energy, consumption, packaging, and easy re-use of all materials. The products ensure nothing goes to trash and hence the waste generated is almost nil. Zero-waste products are a conscious attempt to tackle the problem of wasteful practices.


Veganism abstains from consuming products that come from animals, or ingredients derived from animal-related sources. This also refers to honey, beeswax, milk, etc. alongside meat, leather, eggs. 


Cruelty-free or Animal cruelty-free ensures the products are not tested or experimented on animals. Various species are often prey to companies testing out their product formulations which cause life-threatening conditions for animals, and eventually death in most cases. Cruelty-free is an extension of ethical conduct and does not test its products. 

NOTE: Product offerings from various brands cater to various values. Please read through the respective product pages well for more details.

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